August 2, 2020
  • August 2, 2020
Seven Vital Marketing Tips

Optimize the Season of Fresh Starts

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Grow Your At-Home Business with Seven Vital Marketing Tips

The transition into the new period could be a great reminder to review the marketing practices associated with your home business and determine whether they’re all working as effectively as possible. Even better, it’s a time when you can look at adding new practices to your marketing mix to optimize the results. The ideas below will get you off to a solid start.

1- Connect Your Business to People’s Typical Mindset

People often talk about spring fever or mention how they’re going to get serious about spring cleaning their homes. The first concept comes up because individuals are so excited about being able to trade their bulky sweaters and jackets for lightweight attire and going outside to enjoy the warm weather and beautiful spring blooms. Also, home maintenance is often necessary for the springtime because the climate is finally suitable for doing landscaping and other exterior work. If possible, associate those common themes with your business. You can use phrases like “Spring has sprung” in marketing copy to show timeliness.

2- Inquire About Setting Up a Table at Community Events

Because spring weather usually makes it possible to do more things outside than during colder seasons, many organizations take advantage of that fact and plan community-centered events that introduce residents to the resources that exist in their hometowns. For example, a local government authority may want to host an Earth Day celebration or St. Patrick’s Day family day and invite local businesses to attend.

Even if your venture solely takes place online, community-centered events present prime opportunities to let people know how your business could help them. Before these events arrive, stock up on business cards and consider buying pens, magnets, calenders and other materials to distribute.

Home Business
Home Business

3- Launch a Crowdfunding Campaign

People who run home-based businesses often discover raising capital is trickier than anticipated. That’s because some venture capitalists are not as willing as they once were to finance projects.

However, statistics from the Small Business Administration indicate companies with successful crowdfunding campaigns are more likely to secure external funding. Even projects that raise less than $50,000 could have up to a 24-percent chance of attracting outside investors compared to non-crowdfunded projects. The wide variety of crowdfunding platforms makes it simple and quick to set up a campaign, and good results raise investor confidence.

4- Investigate Using Instagram Stories

Snapchat proved people don’t mind consuming content that doesn’t last forever. After all, material originating on that site gets deleted after a person opens it or 30 days pass, whichever comes first. If you’d like to start using time-sensitive content for your business, though, consider Instagram Stories instead.

They’re similar to Snapchat’s Snaps, but they visible for 24 hours. If you’re having an online flash sale, launching a new website or promoting another kind of event that would benefit from a short-term buzz boost, try making Instagram Stories about it.

5- Don’t Overlook Springtime Holidays and Milestones

You could also generate traffic for and interest in your business by focusing on holidays that happen in the spring. Mother’s Day and Easter are two of the main celebrations, and many universities have commencement exercises in the spring, too.

A college graduation ceremony isn’t a nationally recognized holiday, but it’s nevertheless a long-awaited event that stimulates people to buy things in recognition of the academic achievements of loved ones. The language used to attract new customers while retaining the ones you have could focus on concepts like “rewarding the graduate” or       “marking one of life’s major accomplishments.”

Marketing Tips
Marketing Tips

6- Expand Your Reach by Partnering with Other Organizations

Have you researched to see if there are businesses with similar goals or even charitable causes that align with your home-based company? If there are, it’s worth seeing if those groups might want to team up for a fundraiser, sale or another special event.

This approach is particularly useful if your business is not well-established yet, and you’re having trouble getting traction. The combined resources made possible when you join forces with others could reveal marketing tactics you hadn’t thought of before or ones that aren’t feasible to pull off alone. Also, if the organization has a considerable amount of clout, it may be advantageous if a representative from it writes a press release that mentions your name and business.

7- Show Your Recognition of Tax Deadlines

Filing taxes is a necessity people typically don’t enjoy doing, but most Americans abide by a mid-April filing deadline, which means they spend the first part of spring doing tax preparations. If you discuss that topic in your social media posts and landing page copy, it’s simple to highlight that you empathize with the task and want to make it a bit more bearable.

For example, you could position your website’s blog as a place where people can go to take breaks from filling out tax paperwork. You could discuss how site visitors can treat themselves to products from e-commerce shop after filing their taxes and get discounts.

After reading this list and pondering how to apply its principles to your company, you should start feeling excited about how this season could be the best one yet for achieving your home business-related goals. Then, you could capitalize on the momentum to make it last the whole year and beyond.

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