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Online and Offline Techniques

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Accelerate Your Marketing Milestones with a Minimalistic Budget

We like to broadcast the notion that marketing is an investment rather than a cost. Each dollar you put in should be working towards increasing revenue in the form of drawing in more traffic, more conversions, or improving brand visibility. When faced with reduced marketing budgets, business owners need to find ways to become more efficient, and invest their resources in the strategies that demonstrate the best returns. No matter how big or small your budget is, you will see great results from your marketing campaigns, so long as you make sure that you’re deriving the optimum value from every dollar you spend. Here are our top ways to achieve better results with lower budgets.

Use Social Media as Free Marketing

Business experts on Informi explain how you should “take advantage of social media and get creative with content marketing.” In today’s digital age, social media plays a huge part in online marketing, so don’t underestimate its value. Social media accounts are free to set up and offer vital exposure to your target audience on a daily basis. You should also be publishing regularly and contributing to online content, both on your website and through third-party websites. This will boost your business’s credibility and help you appear higher on popular search engines such as Google. Remember that visual content is fantastic for sharing on social media accounts, as it can generate up to 94% more views (statistic according to Econsultancy). Consider hiring a professional content writer if you’re struggling to find the time to write regular, engaging content for your website.

seo strategy
seo strategy

Have an SEO Strategy

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is critical to having a successful online business. Incorporating strategically chosen keywords in valuable content can dramatically increase traffic to your website and improve your online presence. Before you write content, make sure that you take the time to research SEO keywords and look at the content posted by your competitors. Find out which keywords people are searching for and create an SEO keyword spreadsheet with phrases you want to include. You then need to use the right tools to track where you rank for the keywords you target.

Write High-ranking Content

Your goal should be for your content to rank on the top pages of search engines. If you’re searching for your own website on pages 10+ then you need to change your content and get it ranking higher. Here are our top ways to write high-ranking content:

  • Quality –The average person spends only 15 seconds on a web page and less than one minute on a site before moving on. There’s no point getting people to your website if they don’t stay long enough to see what you do and offer. With quality content, you can engage your users and ultimately convert them from a visitor to a customer.
  • Keyword placement –It’s most effective to include keywords in the title and first 300 words of any content, but make sure that your keywords appear naturally in your writing.
  • Understand your audience –Once you have identified your target audience, it’s important to create content strategies that are tailored specifically to that group. For instance, if you’re targeting young professionals who will be at work all day, then it would be best to post new content over the lunch period or in the evening to try and increase visibility.

Try contest Marketing

Contests are a fun and interactive way to capture your audience’s attention, drive traffic to your site, and build a fan base. The lure of a prize also means that many people are prepared to share information with you as part of the entry process. This is a great way to gain valuable information on your customers and audience. Contest marketing is a smash hit on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. Host contests on your blog or directly from your website. Choose any topic you want, but make sure that it connects with your target audience as well as business products.

Don’t Forget About Offline Marketing Techniques

Marketing can happen without technology. Vary it up and see results when you leave your laptop and spark connections in real life. The power of face-to-face interaction is huge and we remember the conversations we have in person much more than the conversations we have online. Networking events present the perfect opportunity to connect with real people in a physical space. Research local industry events and go along to meet new people, share your ideas, and build brand awareness.

You could also try engaging in guerrilla marketing, which is a generic term for the use of unconventional marketing techniques. This includes things like using chalkboards to advertise promotions on sidewalks, leaving branded pens, bookmarks, etc. in random places, and dropping business cards. This type of marketing can be a simple, cheap, and effective way to build brand awareness and increase product exposure.

Use Marketing Software Systems

Companies now realize the importance of marketing software and are investing heavily in these systems. In fact, almost £25 billion was spent on this type of software in 2019 alone, according to Finances Online. Marketing software provides you with the tools and resources to keep up with changing customer buying behavior, so that you can match your marketing campaigns with current consumer trends and tastes. It also allows you to assess the effectiveness of your marketing strategies by analyzing and measuring outcomes. This will help you to determine where to invest your budget for the greatest return. Here are our top marketing software systems:

  • HubSpot –An ‘all-in-one marketing software’ that provides tools that can help your company with blogging, SEO, social media, email, landing pages, marketing automation, scheduling content, and web analytics.
  • RankActive –A toolkit designed to help businesses track their online presence, monitor the competition, follow their brand on the Web and enhance their visibility in the search engine rankings. This is one of the best ways to see where your website is placed in all leading search engines.
  • Moz –An SEO solution designed to improve search rankings, drive traffic, and get customers. It provides tools to improve your search engine optimization, including keyword research, an SEO keyword generator, site audit, and link analysis that gives detailed data on your inbound links and quality.

Enlist an Expert

Remember that you will optimize capital over time by hiring a marketing expert with proficiency in the tasks you want completed. Delegate certain campaigns rather than taking on every project. Experts have received specialist training on marketing techniques, have connections to in-depth resources, and will be responsible for the outcomes of your marketing campaigns. When you connect with a professional who delivers results and is worth the investment, keep them on board.

Final Thoughts

When faced with spending cuts, business owners need to think smarter about how to get the most out of their budgets and find ways to make their marketing strategies more effective. Making decisions about how to run successful marketing campaigns on a smaller budget can be a challenge, but represents the opportunity to improve efficiency while protecting future growth goals. By focusing on the right areas, you can get a clear idea of the effectiveness and improve output to see the highest results.

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