July 5, 2020
  • July 5, 2020
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20+ Ideas for Mobile and Home-Based Businesses

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Affiliate Marketer:

In this day and age, affiliate marketing is a home business idea that will probably never go out of season and style. As an affiliate marketer, you will be promoting other people’s products and earning commissions on every successful sale. Currently, your best bet is Amazon, but you can find many others online. Keep in mind that affiliate marketing requires you to have a good website with awesome content to reel in potential customers into buying whatever you are selling. It’s all about good content and tireless promotion.

Bed and Breakfast Hotel Operator:

If your city gets crowded with tourists during spring, maybe it’s time to open your doors to this home business idea. Your bed and breakfast hotel doesn’t have to be open all year long; just when the tourists are pouring in.

Home-Based Call Center Specialist:

If you have a background in customer service, this online business idea is for you. It’s definitely like working in a call center, but instead of being in a physical office in the city’s business district, you’ll be working at home. You could be serving good customer experience and fixing their problems without them knowing you are still in your favorite pajamas. The pay is just as good as you would usually get in a regular call center and the work differs depending on your client’s requests and needs.

Home-Based Data Analyst:

More and more companies – both big and small ones – are getting the need to interpret information so that they can fine-tune their business model and strategies. The bulk of information you’ll be interpreting is somehow incomprehensible to a normal person; that’s why if you have a degree or a good background in mathematics, finance, or even economics, you’re absolutely cut out for this job. You will be tasked to ‘translate’ otherwise complex data into readable information so businesses can make informed decisions backed by studies and surveys.

Image Consultancy Expert:

No one wants to admit it but most of us can benefit from the services of an image consultant who would tell us how we can improve how we look and how we behave and communicate in certain situations in our professional lives. Many professions depend heavily on how people look and how they are perceived by their clients and customers. You wouldn’t want to get a designer who looks like his clothes were from the ‘70s, right? An image makeover specialist needs to understand what’s trendy and what’s not.

Lawn Care Specialist:

Regardless if you got your gardening skills from your parents or from watching tons of YouTube how-to videos, gardening is one of the best and easiest mobile business ideas you can do. It’s a seasonal job but that doesn’t mean there is no demand for it all year long. During spring, you may be asked to clean your client’s greenhouse or hunt down some pests in the garden. You may start offering your services to your neighbors, and if your work is a masterpiece, word definitely gets around.

Mobile Nail Care Specialist:

Spring is definitely the season for people to relax and enjoy the weather, but that does not mean they should forget about good hygiene. This mobile nail care service business is a sure hit all year around. You should not underestimate how much people would pay for a great manicure and pedicure by a nail expert. Just bring your nail cleaning kit with you and give the hand and foot love your customers deserve. The demand is high and repeat customers are usually normal in this gig, which means more business for you!

Mobile Photo Studio Owner:

If you’re into photography and have a spare room in your house for a studio, a mobile photo studio is a business idea you should clearly take. You will be offering your photography services to those who need to update their headshots for their resumes. If you’re located near a tourist spot or a city attraction, you might even get a group of friends who just wants to immortalize the fun times. Either way, this business idea can be easily seen to zoom in to something bigger.

Niche Website Developer:

A niche website contains all the important information about a certain topic that only a small percentage of the population would usually search for online; for example, cross-stitching. Your website may contain articles about why cross-stitching is a good hobby, or basic guides to cross-stitching. Owning a niche website means you won’t have a lot of competitors, meaning your website will sit on top of Google’s SERPs (search engine results pages). When that happens, your visitors will increase organically and you can now then monetize your website by putting ads or doing affiliate marketing. You can also opt to place Google Ads which is easy to set up for beginners.

On-Call Exterior House Cleaner:

We all want to have squeaky-clean windows (especially when expecting some visitors) but sometimes we just do not want the dirty work. Lend a helping hand for those in need or allergic to dust and get paid washing their windows and house walls and cleaning their gutters. For a job well done, you may expect repeat customers year after year! Tip: This job gets easier if you keep an appointment system as many customers would book in advance, especially during the spring season.

On-Call Makeup Artist:

Most people are obsessing over skincare nowadays and you won’t believe how many products celebrities use on their faces to look how they look. This translates to the need of their fans to look just as good as their favorite stars. If you know your way around brushes and blushes, this one’s for you. You can begin by offering your beauty services to your friends who are going to an event or a prom, and from there, who knows, you might end up in Hollywood? The possibilities are endless.

On-Call Tech Support Specialist:

Remember those computers and coding classes you attended in college? Nowadays, most people already know how to operate and troubleshoot their computer systems at home. But what about those who need some tech help like the granny next door who just wants to be able to use Facebook without slowing down her laptop? Offer your services and skills to those in need by fixing their computers and showing them how to do things. This is an awesome small business idea that does not require a huge amount of capital.

Online Fashion Store Owner:

Everything is all about #OOTD – outfit of the day. You would not believe how much thought people put into their outfits before taking a selfie and eventually posting it on Instagram and other social media sites. These people – mostly millennials – are your target customers. You should be able to find a great supplier with awesome design and trendy ideas and half the battle is won. The next step is finding an affordable courier and shipping company, which is not going to be a difficult task. Be sure to heavily market and advertise your products on social media sites where these fashionistas are usually found. Get those spring collections ready for shipping!

Online Job Coach:

Every year,millennials are faced with the problem of getting hired in an industry they wish to work in. This means the competition is getting more difficult as time goes by. As an online job coach, your job is to help the jobless land a job. You are also tasked to help them practice on questions they will most likely need to answer in an interview, as well as how to make a good first impression and other things like handshakes, etc. There are times when your client’s resume isn’t impressive enough to stand out from a pile of other resumes so you’ll need to help them make it more presentable, and if needed, you can also ask them to take other certifications. This is a rewarding and noble home-based business idea that helps other people in dire need of a job.

Pet Café Owner:

Lifestyle cafes and restaurants are becoming more popular and acceptable nowadays. If you own a number of cats or dogs (make sure they are well-behaved and house-broken), you may start your own pet café. This business idea may require a bit more capital to get it running, but who’s to say no to coffee and cuddly dogs?

Plant Care Expert:

In big cities where people are often always on the move, forgetting about their plants in the garden is a normal thing. It is time to take this opportunity to offer your green thumb as a plant care expert by watering their plants regularly – especially when your customers are away for business trips – and doing some light pruning. If you know about fertilizing, that’s going to be a huge plus in growing this small business idea.

Podcast Creator:

Who says earning money doesn’t have to be fun? Podcasting is a good means to let similar-minded people hear what you’re thinking about a topic close to your heart. If you love playing computer games or watching horror movies, then talk about it on your podcast. You are not the only one who likes to do these things no matter how specific they can be – which means you will have a solid base of subscribers and listeners.

Specialty Catering Service Owner:

More and more people becoming more aware of their unhealthy lifestyles and are now wishing to change them. Say goodbye to fast food chains, and say hello to specialty catering. As a specialty catering service, you will be preparing a delicious and healthy meal for your clients and delivering it on a daily basis. The meals you will prepare depend on their request or diet – whether they are all organic, oil-free, gluten-free, or all-vegetable. This is an inexpensive home business idea that is sure to attract both health-conscious customers and fitness buffs.

Subject Matter Expert:

Subject Matter Experts or SMEs are usually hired externally by a company to audit and look into how they do their business. Since the competition ever so growing, you will be offering some suggestions on how they can increase their profit or make them more competitive. Knowledge in the industry is a must-have, including market research and analysis.

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality App Creator:

Those programming classes back in high school do not have to go to waste, especially now that iPhones and many other phones are geared towards the use of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality. Revisit your class notes and watch how-to videos on YouTube on how to create an immersive VR-AR app that will surely be a hit for your millennial target users. Becoming an app developer for VR and AR does not require a large capital as this home business idea relies mostly on your creativity and skills.

Voiceover Talent:

It’s time to make profit out of your deep, commanding voice and make this home business idea boom in your favor. As a voiceover actor, you will be narrating many different types of media including books (which will be turned into audiobooks), short film voiceovers, and program intros and outros. Usually, voiceover actors and actresses are paid by the hour. That’s why this is a good option for those people who are looking to earn extra money without giving up their regular jobs.

Yoga Class Buddy and Instructor:

Many people are interested in starting a hobby, including yoga, but are too shy to go alone and need someone to show the ropes. That’s where you come in. As a yoga class buddy and instructor, you will be going with your client to his or her preferred yoga class and schedule and be paid for it. If needed, you will also teach them in the comfort of their homes.

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