July 5, 2020
  • July 5, 2020
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20+ Ideas for Home-Based and Mobile Businesses

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Amusement Park Helper:

While it is a classic summer job for teens, amusement parks wouldn’t mind the extra hand this season as they will definitely be packed with tourists and park-goers. If you have the time, you can help out in a popcorn stand or be a tour guide for a group of kids. You do not have to get an eight-hour shift. You can just take the hours whenever you’re free so it gives you extra time to earn money by doing something else.

App Tester:

Giant tech companies like Google, Microsoft, and even Facebook are known to employ ordinary people to test their apps before launching them to the general public. This way, their apps are rigorously tested for bugs and errors. As an app tester, you’re tasked to provide your constructive feedback on user-friendliness, functionality, and other things that would be helpful in order for these companies to improve their apps.

Band Shirt Seller:

Beyoncé ended the Coachella festival with a show-stopping performance this year, but that doesn’t mean the season is over. You can expect a lot of music festivals, concerts, and gigs all summer, which means business! Set up a small stand outside the venue or concert area (with the event organizer’s permission) and sell shirts with a printed logo of the performing bands. You can even include the name and the date of the event so concertgoers can have something that will make them remember that fun night with their favorite band.

Company Website Developer:

Technology has made it easier for us to transact online – without ever even leaving our own house. This is why companies are quick to follow the trend that allows their customers to purchase their products online, or even book appointments on their website – depending on their business needs. If you have a working knowledge on web design and development that would allow you to create websites for small and medium-sized companies, then this is for you. If you are tasked to include a shop page wherein customers can choose an item they like and pay for it online using their credit card, make sure that the flow and process is easy for everyone no matter the age.

Dog and Cat Sitter:

Summer is the perfect time to reignite your passion for cute, cuddly pets as their owners will probably be out of town or heading to the beach. In fact, you can even make some extra cash out of it. This mobile business idea does not require much capital as you only need to spend a little for buying treats and poo bags. You can post ads in your local vets, pet stores, and even online for maximum exposure.

Garage Cleaner:

Time to put on a comfortable outfit and start flexing those muscles! Some households would most likely be doing a general cleaning come summertime, so why don’t you strike a deal with some of your close friends to help out in the garage? If you have a pickup truck that can carry old pieces of junk, this mobile business idea is definitely for you. After the cleanup, you can then sell scrap metals and other items in a junk shop for extra cash.

Hometown Tour Guide:

If you are coming home for summer and your town is a tourist magnet, then you are cut out for this next business idea. Not only is offering a guided tour a way to welcome tourists in your beautiful hometown, but it is also the perfect seasonal job that earns you easy cash. While starting capital is not exactly needed, it would help you a lot to do well in this gig if you have a deep background on the history of your hometown. Some tourists will actually be listening to you, so prepare yourself for questions.

House Exterior Painter:

Families renovate their houses and do general cleaning no matter what the season is, but giving your house exterior a quick makeover is mostly done during the summer. House painting is one of the easiest and cheapest ways to earn extra bucks. Prepare to shell out some money to get started because you’ll need painting supplies and equipment like a ladder, face mask, sprayer, paints trays, etc. If you do not have any prior experience painting house walls, start building your portfolio by offering your painting services to family and friends first.

Menu Planner:

More and more people have been starting to watch their calorie intakes and eating habits. If the idea of planning a whole week’s dishes excites you, then you will love this. As a meal planner, you will be helping people plan their meals by coming up with a variety of recipes while still sticking to their dietary needs and specifications. The trick is to avoid repetition.

Nursing Home Entertainer:

Event at nursing homes, you can still earn extra money. Entertaining old residents by reading their favorite books to them is one way. Sure, this doesn’t earn you a lot, but this job provides you with experience and teaches you empathy. Plus, this would definitely look good on your resume if you should ever need future employment. There is also a possibility that some families might offer you to become a caregiver for their loved ones. This is an even better opportunity, but make sure you let them know just how long you are planning to stay.

On-Call Barbecue Caterer:

Many families want to host a barbecue party in their own yard, but not everyone wants to do the dirty work – the preparation. This is where you come in. Armed with your secret homemade marinating sauce, barbecue sticks, and fork, prepare to impress your clients’ visitors by serving a delicious set. Be sure to serve your barbecue with a smile on your face. In this type of business, a good word of mouth is very important.

On-Call Face Painter:

Summertime means outdoor parties, barbecues, and kids running around with floaters. If you know your way around paints and brushes, you can start your own face-painting business for the summer. You can invest in a really durable mirror and a great face paint kit made from natural ingredients so it doesn’t irritate anyone, especially kids. You can then start marketing your services by advertising at a local gift shop or in stores that sell party supplies.

On-Call Swimming Instructor:

If you took swimming back in college and really learned from it, then here’s another mobile business idea you can launch this summer. Offer to teach kids to learn how to swim, whether individually or in groups. To get this business started, you will need zero capital and a lot of patience. Be sure to keep a smile on as you will be around kids and toodlers.

On-Call Swimming Pool Cleaner:

While some enjoy driving to the beach, many families are still content on staying at home and dipping in their own swimming pools right in their backyard. Cleaning a swimming pool isn’t entirely easy, but every home that has one needs it maintained and cleaned for their use. And because of this, finding your clients won’t be difficult – so, more money-making opportunities for you.

Online Career Counselor:

If you like giving career advice to new graduates, you will definitely enjoy being an online career counselor. Landing an interview nowadays for a job you’ve wanted so bad is hard enough, let alone actually getting it. As a career counselor or coach, your job is to provide options for these people who are trying to get into a specific industry so they can make an informed decision. Make them realize their skills and strengths so they can make a good first impression to their hiring managers.

Online Community Manager:

Many brands, especially those popular ones, employ community managers to help them respond to customer queries and comments on their social media accounts. For sure, you’ve tried reaching out to a brand you use, and the people who respond to your questions are actually community managers. Find a local brand that has a significant following on their Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter accounts. Offer your services to handle customer support and social media management to earn extra money on the side.

Online Game Streamer:

Can’t stand the heat outside but still want to earn some extra money? One of the most fun ways to earn money while still doing what you love is to stream your own games via Twitch and other online streaming platforms. If you already have a considerable fan base and following, then half the battle is already won. By streaming your games online, ads can be shown which means money for you. Sometimes, you do not have to leave your air-conditioned room to start racking in some bucks.

Online Survey Taker:

Another wonderful way to earn some cash on the side is by answering online surveys. Companies usually hire people to answer a questionnaire about their products and services. Using the data gathered in these tests, they are able to adjust their marketing approach and overall improve their products and services. If you have a lot to say about the current selections in your local grocery, and love being heard and making a difference, this job is for you.

Resume Writer:

Teens and college students are out to find a summer job to keep them busy during this rather boring season away from school and friends. If you have a knack for writing impressive resumes that effectively market your clients’ skills and experiences, then this is a solid fit for you. Remember that these teenagers do not have millions in their bank accounts, so be careful in charging them more than what they can afford to pay you.

Smoothie Shop Owner:

Don’t let you and your bank account get dehydrated this summer season. Smoothies are trendy, good for your health, and are totally easy to prepare. When choosing a location for your smoothie stand, bear in mind that it would be ideal if it’s near the beach, gyms, and business areas. Make sure to use a screaming bright color for your juice bar for it to stand out.

Used Books Seller:

Summer is a fantastic time for you to do what you love. While some enjoy getting under the sun, many still prefer to stay in their rooms to read a good book. If you’re one to keep old textbooks and paperbacks – and no one else in your family would find a need for them – it’s time to turn these books over to someone who might need them in exchange for a little cash.

Vacation House Sitter:

Vacation house owners, especially in coastal areas that are crowded with seasonal tourists, usually spend their weekends away from the beach. This is a splendid opportunity for you to offer your services to collect their papers, mow their lawns, and even water their gardens while they are away. This works best if you live near the beach.

This summer, let the sunshine invigorate your entrepreneurial spirit! Peruse this list and decide on one or more businesses to launch. Some can be managed entirely via a laptop, and others will require you to get up and go! Choose a career that suits your lifestyle, engage in the proper training to become excellent in your trade, and get started toward fulfilling the dream of being your own boss.

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